I love you

That was a message from my beautiful and amazing Fiance. I love you princess!!!

I love you


Baby let this be a lesson to you…

You can’t lose me..

Sorry toots, you’re stuck with me.

For ever and always baby. For ever and always <3


Baby answer me please


As I run my fingers back and forth inside of you I can feel you tense up as you moan quietly. I pull my fingers out as I begin to rub between your lips, knowing what it does to you I lean my head down and bite you on your neck, forcing you to let out a loud moan as well as arch your back. I can tell you’re in the zone now as I lift my body off of you, pressing my pelvic bone against yours, I’m the hardest I have been in a while. I feel your nails dig into my back as you whisper “I want you now.”. I can’t help but to smile because it feels so amazing to be wanted. I pull my lower half away as I kiss your lips, as much as I want to go for it, I want you to feel even better than you are now. Knowing that it drives you wild, I passionately kiss you on your chin, down to your breast. I take a moment to kiss both of your breasts before continuing. I then continue to kiss between your breasts, then down to your stomach, your pelvic bone; finally to your vagina. I kiss your lips softly as I slide my tongue between them. I move my tongue up and down slowly at first but I begin to get more aggressive. I close my eyes as I move my head to get different angles. I can feel you close your legs on my head out of pleasure, your back arches and you let out a moan - a moan that makes me want to continue. I slide my tongue down and up - wiggling it around. I give it one last go before I rotate my head„ kissing you softly on the inside of your thigh. I kiss your pelvic bone, up to your stomach, between your breasts and finally bite you on your neck. I reach down and and guide my penis in, the sensation of you being turned on is fantastic. I feel you dig your nails into my back again, as I begin to push in, all the way in. I take a moment to kiss you on your lips, I lay my head down next to your ear and whisper, “I love you baby” as I begin to thrust slowly back and forth. As I thrust back and forth I can feel you arching and moving out of pleasure, you begin to moan so sexually, so passionately I can’t help but to lean down and bite you on your neck, causing you to moan even more. I press my body against yours as I push myself forward and back, forward and back, going with a rhythm. You moan as I let out a quiet exhale, I feel as if we’re one right now. It feels so right, so amazing. I kiss you on your soft lips as I slide my hand under you, your back is arched and I’m still thrusting. I can feel everything. Your pulse, your breath. Your everything. I pull you close as I lean back, we’re both now sitting up but I don’t stop. I thrust forward and backwards as you kiss me, you pull my head to the side and bite my neck, making me more aggressive. I thrust faster and harder, you let out a louder and more pleasured moan. You whisper “Oh yeah” out of breath, with a smile. I continue thrusting as Iook into your eyes, letting out a smile and a quiet exhale. The sensations running through my body are almost overwhelming. I aggressively kiss you as I push you on your back, I lay on top of you and I continue to thrust back and forth, I’m getting close I feel the pressure building up, I look into your eyes as you let out a moan. I can see in your eyes that you’re close. Your eyes are looking at me so lovingly, so passionately it makes me feel complete. I feel the pressure continue to build up as you moan louder and louder, you begin to squirm and arch your back. I don’t stop. I continue to push myself inside of you, deeper and deeper. You let out a loud moan as you grab my hips and push, I resist and push in again, I feel the pressure release inside of you, you let out one last moan as I push in all the way, I lean down and kiss you passionately on the lips. I hold myself in as I continue to kiss you passionately. I slide my hands up your breasts onto your cheeks. I hold your head still as we passionately make out. I slowly pull myself out of you as I roll next to you. You roll over and look at me. We’re face to face, you smile and lean in, kissing me again. You let out the words, “I love you so much baby” as I smile, hearing those words makes me feel so safe. “I love you too” I whisper as I’m still breathless from your beauty. You slide in close as I wrap my arms around you. We cuddle just the way that we are until we both fall asleep. Before nodding off to sleep, I whisper in your ear, “I love you gorgeous, forever and always.”


It’s around 6 PM and we haven’t seen each other the entire weekend. I’m finally coming over, it’s just us two at your place. I’m so excited, so eager to get to your place that I forget that there is such a thing as Speed Limits. I’m flying, thinking of nothing but your beautiful smile. I finally can see your dirt road, my heart skips a beat, my mouth forms a smile. My mind is picturing the different ways I can greet you. Normally, your dirt road is a problem, but not no more baby girl, this truck can handle it. I turn onto your dirt road and hit the throttle. My heart is beating faster and faster, my smile getting bigger. I finally see your gate, I can’t wait. I hit the brakes and turn it in, low and behold there you are. I have a smile ear to ear, you’re looking so beautiful. If looks could kill baby, you’d leave me on the ground. I hop down out of the truck and we make eye contact. You run to me as I run to you. In no time at all we throw our arms around each other, and we hold each other close. We embrace each other for a few minutes before we finally give each other a long, passionate kiss.

"I missed you so much, beautiful" would be the first words out of my mouth, quickly followed by "I love you, princess". Leaving you no time at all to respond, I swing my arms down to your legs and pick you up in a cradle. A squeal would come from you as it took you by surprise. As I look into your eyes while holding you, I whisper, "I love you" softly. I give you a quick kiss as I make my way into your house. Quickly through the house I carry you, into your room. I gently lay you onto your bed with a smile. I’d slide my left hand onto your hip as I crawl on top of you, kissing you softly. "I love you" I’d whisper as I lean my head in close, kissing you passionately on your lips. I begin to softly run my hand down your leg while kissing you. I pull my head to your ear and whisper one more time, "I love you, princess" as I lean down, biting you on your neck which would result in you letting out a quiet moan. The moan, going straight into my ear sounds so sexy, so passionate I quickly slide my hand onto your side and caress your body, moving my hand over the side of your breast continuing up to your cheek. I rest my hand on your soft, beautiful cheek as I look into your eyes, resting my forehead onto yours. I whisper "I love you, princess" as I smile, you respond with a passionate kiss, which sends chills down my spine. You smile beautifully, letting out the words "I love you too". Hearing you say those words makes me feel want to love on you so much more. I apply light pressure to my left hand and I forcefully turn your head as I lean down and bite you on your neck one more time. As I bite and kiss on your neck, I slide my body next to yours, allowing access to your body. I slide my left hand down from your cheek, over your breasts and onto your stomach. I slide my hand down between your legs and apply alittle pressure, slowly moving my hand up and down sending a sensation through your body that makes you lift your lower half as you let out a light moan. I apply some more pressure to your neck as I slide my hand away from your vagina and I slide it under your shirt. I feel your beautifully soft stomach as I slide my hand up more, going under your bra. I run my hand over your breast as I stop biting, instead I begin to kiss your neck, repeatedly. I slowly move my head close and close to your lips, kissing you on your cheek, your chin and finally your soft lips. I continue to kiss you passionately as I slide my hand down your stomach, under your shirt. I continue down to your pants as I lift your jean line with my finger, sliding my hand under your pants but over your underwear. I apply pressure as I can feel your body tense up, I rub on you softly, still kissing you passionately. I move my fingers onto your thong, sliding it out of the way, giving me uncensored access. I stop kissing you as I put my forehead to your forehead, our noses touch. My eyes lovingly looking into yours, yours looking into mine. I feel as if we were meant for each other. I move my fingers between your legs, I bend my finger as I hit your spot. You let out a huge smile and a loud gasping moan. Your body tenses up and you quickly reach over and grab my back. Your touch makes me smile, you run your fingers into my back as it turns me on even more. I kiss you passionately as I slide my hand out from your pants. I quickly grab your button and undo your pants. Without hesitation you lift up so that I can pull your pants off. I quickly slide them off as I lean down and kiss your beautiful thigh. I begin to kiss my way back up, starting with the inside of your thigh. I look up at you as you look down at me, we make eye contact but I quickly break it, as I kiss your thigh. I kiss down your thigh, getting closer to your vagina. I kiss and kiss, and kiss some more as I get to your vagina. I give you a playful kiss on your lips as I move to the top of your pelvic bone. I kiss it softly, moving up to your stomach. Moving from your stomach I slide your shirt up, kissing you as I come closer to your beautiful face. I get to your breasts as I reach under you and unclamp your bra. For the first time, I got it on one try. Happily, I pull it off as I kiss your beautiful breasts. It’s time that I finally kiss the most important part of your body. Your lips. As I smile, I lean in and begin to passionately kiss you. You’re laying there in nothing but a shirt and a thong. You have my blood running, my pulse pumping. My heart beating and it’s all because of you. I kiss you passionately as I run my hand back to your vagina, running my hand over your thong. I feel your body tense up as you let out a slight exhale as we kiss. Every part of me wants you even more than I do in the average day. I grab your thong and I slide it off as you grab my shirt. You pull my shirt over my head and throw it away. I reach down and unbutton my pants, quickly sliding them off. I know how much you love me in boxers, so I had made sure I wore some tight ones. So tight you can see the outline. I lean down, still in my boxers I kiss your beautiful lips. I pull your shirt off as you reach down and push my boxers off of me. I grab them and throw them away. Now it’s just us. Nothing separating us. I lean down and bite you passionately on the neck, your fingers are being dug into my back which turns me on more and more. I need you at this point, there is no one I’d rather be with. No one I’d rather be loving on. Not anyone. You’re the most beautiful woman in the world, and right now, you’re all mine. I kiss your neck as I run my hand down your beautiful body. Caressing over your breasts, down your stomach, between your legs. I begin rubbing my hand between your lips as I feel you being turned on. I slide my fingers inside of you as I hear you let out a moan right next to my ear. Your moans are the sexiest thing I could ever hear, aside from your voice and your laugh. I lower my body onto you as I continue to run my fingers inside of you, we kiss passionately as I can feel you pivoting your lower half out of pleasure. I can tell you’re turned on and ready to go.


Should I continue, princess?

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